Thursday, 21 May 2015

#2 The Perks of Being A Communication Student

It’s been four semesters since I’ve become a student on the major of Communication Sciences in Universitas Gadjah Mada. I’ve been through so many bad and good times here and some of them might become the worth-remembering parts of my life. Well, yeah, I have enough bitter-sweet experiences to tell you about the perks of being a communication student, especially in Universitas Gadjah Mada. Here we go:

1.   You can wear what-so-ever you want.
Your friends here won’t judge you just because you wear a quirky blouse or an awful ripped pants. As long as your outfit is comfortable and proper enough to be used in public, you can wear it anytime for daily college. Yes, denim pants and tees are legal for us. But, of course, thongs are forbidden.
2.    You can be yourself.
In college, of course you’ll meet so many people with different culture, race, attitude, and even sexual orientation. On Communication major, everybody’s background was blended in and you can be yourself without being judged by the society around you. We will love you and accept you just the way you are as long as you respect us too.
3.    You will have incredible lecturers.
Just unlike the other common majors, you can call your lecturers here by ‘Mbak’, ‘Mas’, ‘Cak’, and ‘Bang’. They’re not only share knowledge, but also happiness and style. It’s an honor to be taught by them. They’re just awesome. No doubt.
4.     We discuss about cool things.
Do you like books? Watching movies? Listening to good music? Reading news? Yes, we’re all will discuss about those great things in our daily conversation. You will know about anything hips around you. The best part is, sometimes what you learn in class are the same thing with your hobbies.
5.    There’s always enough time to smile.
Don’t care about how busy you are, how many tasks do you have, or how many problems in you shoulders, you would still make time to do simple things just to make your day brighter. Even when you’re in your darkest point of life, there’s always somebody here to catch you and pull you up.
6.     ‘Just-for-fun’ insults are really just for fun.
There are no hard feelings between anybody who throw those ‘just-for-fun’ insults. We talk about each other in our worst ways and being called with those icky nicknames without being offended. It’s just the way we show our love to each other.

There are six awesome perks about being a communication student. The point is, really fun for me to study here with those kinds of perks. No, it’s not an endorsement, it’s just me doing a little show off.

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